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Tattoo Guide Lower Back TattooWhat greater way is there to convey yourself in the hippest way possible than through the body art of tattoos? Of all the forms of trendy body designs, tattooing is probably one of the most usual. The art of tattooing has been applied since ancient times. Its reasons then varied from self-expression to body decoration to protection of one self from evil spirits and bring in good luck. In present times, purposes for having tattoos are not that different. Cross tattoos for example, could function as a religious tattoo or it may simply be a design the wearer selected to decorate himself with.

Lasting tattoo decorations differ depending on traditions, religious affiliations, gender, or personal tastes. Dragon tattoos are more typical among Asians since Western culture do not worship the dragon symbol as much as Asians do. However, Westerners now appear to have accepted the dragon themes, and it is quickly becoming one of the more popular tattoo designs. Fairies and flower tattoo decorations, meanwhile, are generally selected by females and the effeminates instead of guys. A lot of tattoo concepts transcend gender. Tribal tattoos, sun as well as star tattoos are just a couple of the numerous tattoo designs that are very much in demand among men and women alike.

Different tattoos have different symbolisms for different people. Religious tattoos such as the popular Celtic cross tattoos, praying hands, doves, and other holy symbols and icons are merely among the few. Sun tattoos along with other forms of nature may also have deep religious connotations depending on what the wearer believes in. Some prefer to have symbols representing something about their beliefs, while others would prefer to have words as well as phrases written in ancient text with translations that transcend body decoration.

A number of tattoo designs have deeper, more complicated meanings. Some tattoos are intended to bring in good luck, ward off bad spirits, or something that has an association with the wearer's cultural or family history. Irish tattoo designs like four-leaf clovers, the Irish cross, or shamrock are related with luck as well as great fortune, while tribal designs like the more usual tribal sun tattoos could be a traditional thing. Dolphin tattoo designs, another popular choice, while they might be identified as a Celtic design, are also considered a Chinese yin-yang symbol portraying harmony and balance.

However, the art of tattooing are not merely limited to the pious persons or those who give significance to their culture, beliefs, and family history. Fashion and pop culture are the prevailing reasons behind the present popularity of body art. Fairy tattoos, flower tattoos, animal and tribal tattoos are quite common these days. They may not mean anything to the person but they certainly are appealing accessories that, simultaneously, showcase their taste in fashion and character to the others. A complex design like a small bunny on the shoulder or the elaborate designs on the lower back could speak so much. Tattooing is one of the most intimate forms of self-expression and implied freedom.

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